Unsigned - Oxycontin - Florida guitar tab

Oxycontin - Florida (Lyrics and Music by Tony Woods)

Poopydoo Music Inc. (ASCAP)

The intro lick is spiffy. Play it slow and stupid.


B--------19---------19-17---------- play many times

Then the bassline, which goes on for the entire song. YOu can play this on guitar

too, it sounds good. Dom plays harmonics.



Then the arpeggio I play in random spots.




That's about it for the music


Verse 1

One day when Jonny was walking

walking through the fields of destiny

Jonny was a nice man

Jonny was the one that everyone...

Jonny was a nice man

Until he got hit by that speeding truck

Verse 2

Jonny was a nice man

Lived in the town where all the elves played

Jonny loved the sunset

Sat in his car while everyone watched him pass by the time that he

invented with the shoes that he wore

neve did this man look in

he was always bored

Verse 3

Jonny could never look up

He'd saw the sky that loved him

wash away the tears that he'd sprung

from the sockets of his eyes

his hands shook up the bite, broken up

it wasn't Jonny's fault

Verse 4

Running through the fields they played

running through the fields where everyone was

it wasn't all that loved him

everyone loved everyone

there was no time to fight

no one to look into the eyes of Satan

no one to see the light

Jonny was a good man

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