Unsigned - No Name British Guy bass tab

This is a song I wrote at, like, 1 in the morning, so it's sort of a punk rock song, even though

I'm hard

rock and metal all the way. So don't get the wrong idea about me. It's supposed to be played


fast, so I definitely suggest an up-and-down technique. The guitar riff containes

the same notes, only

played a lot higher (check the guitar tab; it's under (no name)-British Guy. It's a really

fun song to

play, and easy, too, so have fun.





Just play that throughout the whole song. I can't really tell you to listen to the song

for timing

because we haven't made an mp3 for it... yet. But once we do, we'll put it on Limewire,

so just wait

and practice it until it does.

Taken from The BassMasta -- http://www.tabs-database.com

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