Unsigned - No Clu - Not Yet Named guitar tab

This is by me but I put it under my band, there aren't yet lyrics to it, I just think its a

cool rift. Hope you like it

P - pluck not strum, thats all there really is thats different





|-----------------------------------------------| x2



Then play these chords (no im not gonna tab them) I'm putting how many beats not how many

times to play them, I stum a bit different every time


F x8, G x8, F x8, G x8, C x4, D x4, C x8, G x8, A x8, A7 x8, G x8


G x8, D x8, G x8, C x8, D x1,

~~~Repeat song~~~

Once song is repeated play chorus once more then end with a single strum of a G chord

This is my first tab,

Peace out, Rock on

By. Mike Williams

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