Unsigned - Misbari - Rainbow guitar tab

Date: Jan 14, 2004

Tabber: infinitelazerdog

Band: Misbari

Song: Rainbow

This is one of the songs from my band, were are currently working on releasing a CD.









I stand to rest and I sleep awake, can I face this demon in the

bed you make

I cry to be happy and I laugh to hide, all this utter sadness and this

fear inside

I work to spend and I spend to get away, from all of this torture I

face day to day

I die to live, yet I live to die, I can?t see through all this pain,

I've already tried


Sometimes it's worth the cold, just to play in the rain

Sometimes it's worth the scars, to learn to deal with pain

In time it is worth the flood, to see this rainbow of love

If you?re willing to go through, then I am too

You fight to lose and you run to stay, I don't understand these

games you play

Your stare is empty, your face filled with doubt, I watch as you try to

figure it out

You dumped me to save me, but it never did, I guess that's the price I

pay for the life I live

When the hourglass is empty, and the sand is free, I'll go outside and

let... God piss on me

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