Unsigned - Loozer - Realize guitar tab

Normal tuning medium slow feel, almost like staind REALIZE

Verse I

How can I see to the good if the shadows are in my way. How can I bring forth truth if my feelings

are astray. I wish that I could get away, from the way I feel.790000 570000 350000 020000


The devil will burn me, this I know. Life is strange not knowing where to go. I’ve

lost more than I’ve gained, my life has felt some change, I wish I could realize…

Things aren’t easy, this I know. Lost without a place to go. falling deeper in

my hole, I’m strung out on this big black pole. Offerings made to the street, my

life is incomplete. 024400 002220 355000 022200

Slower tempo, less feel.

Verse II

I can feel the pain, surging from my head, into you. Take what used to be old and make something

new. I thought I felt, but I was wrong, that I used to know you.



I felt the end growing close, so I clung to u. never knowing that I would feel something

new. Closed to my eyes to see a different view. Then I realized.

024400 355000 133000 022200

Then Play Chorus riffs 2x’s


Tylor Beck

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