Unsigned - Hostile Takeover- Hostile Wishes guitar tab

Hostile Takeover- Hostile Wishes (Callifornia)

Lyrics by Andy Chaos

Guitar parts by Ben Shuber

Song is comprised of only 3 chords, but in interesting ways

C E minor D

032010 022000 000232

Also same chords are used as power chords







C D E minor

Also Ben uses them up an octave right after the second chorus, so just move them up to the

same place an octave higher. When strumming the full chords, strum 2 strings at a time

starting from the low E to the high E. When playing power chords during the chorus, attack

the strings it has to sound pissed off and mean! Also, during the second verse, while

playing the C and E minor chords, slowly slide the notes you’re holding up an entire octave,

then down and continue to the next chord. You want a rise-and fall effect while playing


I don’t know if this song will ever be released, but we got copyrights so don’t steal it.

For the first verse, play through your amp clean and strum C for 2 measures then E minor

for 2 measures (song is in 4/4 time). When it gets to the chorus, kick on your distortion

pedal and hit the strings for a machine gun sound in this pattern- CCCCC CCCCC CCC CCCCC

CCCCC CD EEEEE EEEEE EEE EEEEE EEEEE E you kinda get it from that.

Song Structure

Intro (C and E strummed two measure each then repeat)

Verse (same as intro)

Chorus (distortion here, play the pattern I showed above C-D-E twice)

Verse (slide chords up and down fretboard)


Chorus (an octave higher)




Outro (same as intro)

Also I forgot to note an the second chorus right before you go up an octave, instead of

going back down to E go up to E on the 7th fret

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