Unsigned - Broad 04 - Free guitar tab

Song : Free

Artist : Broad 04

Author: Richard Bowkett/Neil Goodrich

Intro and Verses

Em D A Em (2nd guitar strikes the Em chord three times along with the 1st guitars Em)

I don’t know why

I let you into my life

I don’t know why

I let you live with me,

And now I know

You changed everything

I don’t know how….

You just changed me

(enter drums and bass)

Chorus :

Em G D A

1st chorus has no words

2nd verse

I was trying to find

Someone to be with me

I was trying to find

Someone to set me free

But all I found was,

Found was you and

Now I know what I’ve got to do


I’m Free…..


Don’t you see….

What you’ve done to me?

Now I’m scarred


I was trapped

I’ve been released

Verse 3

I now realise

That there is no point,

No point in life

What can I do,

What can I do?

Now we are through I realise,

I don’t need you


Verse 4

Lyrics repeat the first verse

Guitar arpeggios the chord sequence for the verse


B-------- 0 ------- 3 ------- 3 ----------2------------------- 0--------¦ REPEAT

G-----0 - --- 0 – 2--------------------2------2-------------0---0------¦




Final Chorus

I’m Free (repeat until fade)

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