Unsigned - Atomic Anatomy-brick Face guitar tab

Band: Atomic Anatomy

ALbum: (not sure of a name yet)

Tabbed by: guitarist( thomas hassler)

Song: Brick Face

tunning: B F# b E G# C#

we have been around for a while and have a recording guy that is goin to sign us soon. kile

3 mounths or so. hope u like the song.

p= pull off

*= palm mute

~= let ring

this hole song is in heavy distortion!!!!!


b |---------7-8-8-8-----|

F#|---------5-6-6-6-----|repeat 8 times

B |-00060-0-------0p66--|

Riff 1:

b |-0-23-0-23-0-23-0-0-00-0-|

F#|-0-23-0-23-0-23-0-0-00-0-|repeat 4 times

B |-0-23-0-23-0-23-0-0-00-0-|

Riff 2:

E |-5/7-7-7-7-7-8-8-8-------------------------------|

b |-5/7-7-7-7-7-8-8-8--333-555-111-01-(pause)-11-01-|

F#|-3/5-5-5-5-5-6-6-6--333-555-111-01-(pause)-11-01-|repeat 4 times

B |--------------------333-555-111-01-(pause)-11-01-|

Riff 3:

B |-0~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~-| let ring for 10 seconds

Riff 4:

b |-065087065087-0-333-|

F#|-065087065087-0-333-|repeat 4 tims

B |-065087065087-0-333-|

Riff 5:

B |-3-03-03-03-03-|repeat 4 times

Riff 6:

b |-3-03-03-03-03-|

F#|-3-03-03-03-03-|repeat 6 times

B |-3-03-03-03-03-|





thats all. i hope u like this tab. and i hope ull like more songs to come from Atomic Anatomy.

peace out.!!!!!

if u have any quistions about the band or the tab e-mail us at AtomicAnatomy@hotmail.com

thx bye

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