U-God - Stuggle Ain't Got No Color lyrics

[Immortal Technique]

Yo yo, son give me that newspaper


Yeah aight, here you go

[Immortal Technique]

Man, I hate this one yo. You know the Post is always on some bias racist

bullshit, man. Word I mean on the daily news


(Laughs) word, I feel you

[Immortal Technique]

They ridiculous man, times are better but they still on some bullshit


(Laughs) I know that man. (Hiss)

[Immortal Technique]

Another nigga killed by these fucking cops, yo!


What? Word? Psh

[Immortal Technique]

See that's why I gotta get the fuck outta here man, I need some peace I need

something like that or I'ma just start blasting! These fucking pigs man


I feel you, son (laughs)

[Immortal Technique]

For real, yo


Yo son, fuck it then. Let's do something man, let's see some mamis out there

[Immortal Technique]

You know what? Matter fact pack the bags


Aight then

[Immortal Technique]

Start the fucking whip up, I'm outta here yo for real

Yo, I hate my job so I always look to a better day

Far from New York City on a tropical getaway

But not in Miami cause these white Cuban Anti-Castros can't stand me

And that's the reason I'll never win a fixed up Latin Grammy

After this racist Latinos'll goddamn me

But my Black people love me

And when I go to South America people'll be tryna hug me

Cause I talk about reality that effects them

And even though I blew up I could never neglect them

What kind of a revolutionary action would that be

I be categorizing practically every other MC

But never that cause I'm clever with facts

Sever your raps

Fake players and thugs

Will forever be whack

I'm still rolling with my squadron

Heavily strapped

And even if I get killed I'll enviably be back

Encyclopedia Hispanic are over digital dat

Don't ever compare me with small minded criminal cats

I kill kids on tracks like Dale Onhart

Spit in your face and leave your cheekbone with a burn mark

I was born a genius but I learned to be street smart

My vacation just started

I'm out to the Caribbean swimming in Dominican women the color of cinnamon

You motherfuckers wish you had the lifestyle I'm living in

(Laughs) Yo, yo


East coast to West coast and everything in between

This is dedicated to everybody chasing they dreams

This ghetto fabulous life really ain't what it seems

But I'ma make it cause I got survival stuck in my genes

[Immortal Technique talking]

Word up (word), Immoral Technique representing Harlem all the way to my fam

in Englewood. I'm out motherfucker (Laughs The ghetto way nigga)

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