U-God - Shell Shock lyrics

[Leatha Face]

To my hard rocks, locked in cell blocks, never shell shock

Melt the ox in your face, displaced in the penalty box

My enemies heart pumps poisonous blood, your choice, the slugs

You do dirt in the rain, than your name is mud

Major love to thugs in the back of the clubs

Strapped for what? TO avoid bein stuck and blazed up

Laced up, struck from the waste up, embraced by the muts in the cut

Bullets sizzle up, leave you fist fucked, intense cut

>From Leatha and Uey, verbal gymnast

Volvo, physical fitness, over tracks leave statistics

Tripped into the realm with chrome shines like sunlight

Half of my life is right, the other half is a gun fight

Uptight jake harassin for college satisfaction

101 question askin in back of the paddy wagon


Sadly, tragedy happen

Lost in captivity, imagine me happily clappin

Big barrels, heavy ammo, man the mammal

Packed in commando, rapidly practice supreno

Crack my fingers on pianos

I torture you with orchestra tackle on your back, the jackel

No time to react, combat, flyin scrap metal

Kamikaze degrees, cherry instant fire, live wire

Dunn, rock it til your knees drop, over tree tops

Collosal current enforcin, outer bridge crossin

One foot first, is the rebirth, the crime arson

Caution, furnace flyin, deserters try to black ball us

Over the face of the Earth's surface

The heat is heatin up, demon from the east wing

Hitman's bullet, leave you barely breathin and barely seein

A critically blaze, biblical plague in amaze

Riddle the box, smmothered in cops

Sky hugger, Space Jam, slam in the blizzard of rocks

A space invader, laced with lazers and with omega weapons

Magnificent 7, this cannibal mouth, gangsta spectrum

Form an animal house, fume at 11

[Chorus x2: Leatha Face - Shaolin Soldiers]

We shell shocked, we burn hotter than a meltin pot

Your skeleton drop, as your cells start to pop

We dwell on blocks, while you cats held my the cops

Blow fire from you tops, your expired by the shots

Hot wired by the watts, exterminate ya, terminate ya

War displayed by the real niggaz


On his wrist saw the spiral, glass hand

Last man to eat tracks like you straight up, hit up a white dude

Jean jacket, Austrailian gats, Mediterainian raps

Play the back with the joint on his neck

Who feelin this? Thugs love this, we way above sea level, love

Check out the glove, stay bloodied up, plug this

Verbal hygiene, the Golden Arm, plus niggaz stay warm

See ya out in Mexico, we implantin The Swarm

All niggaz snatch money, watch the sweater, criticize my Fila

Sneakers cost cheddar, with the heat out

Brolic, extra large, dynamic, crack your ceramic in half

Go against The Grain, we feedin you math

What up? Niggaz call it high-tech, big shank reign

Straight out the kitchenette, jums in the set

Before I go, analyze all money go

Yeah, you seen him, a 6 double O, rockin bummy clothes

[Hell Razah]

Bloody Red Hook, money and crooks

Get out my face with them funny looks, ya better off studyin books

Let the weed burn, they brain dead, I feed em the worms

Y'all be actin up and showin off, in needin to learn

You know the sun shines as the Earth turns

Nowadays is the ghetto germ, knockin off whoever concerned

I dip your brain in the blood of fire, prophecize like Jeremmiah

Turn a crowd to a choir, hot wired space ships

Fed niggaz who I hate with, I be Apocalyspe, Tales of the Crypt

Raise the dead out the realm with a 6

Overwhelmed by the smell of the clips, gun smoke, shots hit

We surrounded by Hell and politics, bulletproof or hollow tips

I'm the silencer on the loudest clip

The widow maker, Heaven Razah, put of curse on whoever major

Snatch the belt off the heavy weighter

I be a Swarm alligator, slap niggaz way across equators

When the dare try to flaunt they paper

[Chorus x1.5]

* Various talk in club with Poppa Wu sample in background *

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