U-God - Put It On Me lyrics

(feat. Autumn Rue)

[Intro: U-God]

I'm tellin' you, tellin' you, tellin' you

Ain't ready, Mark, Mark, they ain't ready, man

They ain't ready, they ain't ready, they ain't ready for me

They ain't ready for me, they ain't ready for me right now, nigga

I'm here... {*laugh*} When you thought it was safe

Ahh... ooh... give it to me, give it to me

Uh... yeah... now give it to me, give it to me

Pump... now bump bump... now bump..

Give it to me, give it to me, give it to me, now bump

[Chorus: Autumn Rue (U-God) {both}]

Baby, when you put it on me (on me)

Do you thing relentlessly ('lessly)

Don't you wanna scream my name? {over, over} again

I just wanna scream your name (your name)

Give you lovin' that's insane {insane}

Baby, won't you make me scream {over, over} again


Yo, yo, yo... now your's truly, same ol' g

Ya'll gon' see, you can't hold me

Feel my energy, my soul so free

For a half a century, I've been low key

Who is he? They call him, U-G-O-D

Real grizzly, busy as a bee

Feel it in the air, over the sea

Don't be mad cuz your ho chose me

Hazel eyes, no goatee, hold heat, rock you to sleep

Known in the streets for my platinum teeth

Cuz when I pop something, I go in deep, no bump



Now that's right, nigga, I got those skills

Nerves of steel, sex appeal

Hand skills, like windmills

Mind bender, every time I send chills

Dressed to kill, throw 'em in the trance

Make 'em dance like ants in they pants

Check out my, battle stance, comin' down

Avalanche, war's closing and you got no chance

Hard, rock, abs, move like a snake

All that ass, make the waterbed break

Skin like a god and for heaven's sake

Why you wanna make a nigga scream your name? Spark..

[Autumn Rue]

Niggaz try to say what I want

What's the deal, let's keep this blunt

We only try'nna have some fun

How can, I get you home?

I searched, you're not the typical kind of guy

Your moves they, definetly caught my eye

I like the way you take the beat slow

After the party is on

[Chorus x2]

[Outro: U-God]

Yeah, yeah, yeah

From the Slums of Shaolin

Hillside Scramblers, we out the garbage, niggaz

What? Huh? You ain't think I was gon' come back, huh?

Did ya? It's U-G-O-D-Zilla

That's right, that's right, Hillside Scramblers

The gram handlers is back, yo Mark, yo Mark

Yo, spark that track, baby!

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