U-God - Prayer lyrics

(feat. Autumn Rue)

[Intro: U-God]

Forgive me..

For all that shit I did in my past..

You know what I'm sayin'...


Is anyone out there? Does anyone care?

This is my testament, my bedtime prayer

I resent my sins, oh Lord, listen clear

I can feel it in the heat of the night, and in the air

Lord, give me your ear, I want you, to understand

Please forgive me, I'm a righteous man

Tryin' to do the best I can, just to feed my fam

I might die, in these streets, by some jealous hands

Now I can it's some scam, from the root to the fruit

Cuz when they see me in the streets, grimey's guns salute

Me, it's the moment of truth, I got mud on my boots

Plus the sounds of the sirens, cops in hot pursuit

Pray for me..

[Chorus x2: Autumn Rue]

As I lay thee down to sleep

I pray the Lord, the soul to keep

If I die, before I wake

I pray the Lord, the soul to take


All this pressure, building up in the pot

When the schemes released, I'm bout to blow my top

I'm the cream of the crop, when machine guns pop

I seen the death angel come when I see son drop

I cried, tattoo tear drops, cuz inside it hurt

I saw his life flash before him, as he lied in the dirt

And searched for heaven on earth, in his debts, sold in land

I poisoned my own community, with kilos and grams

And people don't take a stand, politics tempers flare

They build, prisons 'stead of parks, children end up in there

It's the welfare, the precinct, the daycare's, indecent

The churches, the priest, inside the belly of the beast

It's, diseases, crack babies, people actin' crazy

Oh Lord, can you save me? If not, snatch up my baby


[Chorus x2]

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