U-God - Jenny lyrics

[Chorus: U-God]

I'm sorry, Jenny, I made you cry, I tried

I'm sorry, Jenny, all the pain inside, I lied

I'm sorry, Jenny, I made you cry, I tried

I'm sorry, Jenny, for all the pain inside...


We started as friends, you had a boyfriend

I took you from your man, that's the way we began

I didn't think it would come back to me in the end

That wasn't part of the plan, you had my heart in your hands

I guess broken wings, are hard on a man

You ran back to scrams, had me stuck in a jam

I didn't understand, where we went wrong

I tried to block you out, but you call on the phone

I want to, bad to the bone, all to myself, all alone

You sighed on the line, then I heard a dial tone



Yo, I stayed up so late, just, thinking of you

I wish that I can take back, all the pain we been through

On the path by myself, my back's on the wall

Sometimes I want that I shouldn't have met you at all

I told you if you just, leave the man you was with

I'll take you back in my life, and we'll seek happiness

Then you finally did, I took your heart for a ride

I didn't tell how, I had a chick on the side

It's been a couple of months, in this triangle of love

I didn't realize, she was the one that I want



Now was I young, was I dumb? Was I wrong?

I had thought we had a special bond

Come back, run, come back, run

I thought we was tight as a blood

What is love? What is love?


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