U-God - I'm Talkin' To You lyrics


I'm that warlord that's out for the gold

Let your scandal leak out, now your cover gets blowned

Shit ain't sweet, son, my mind stays grown

The thirst alone, makes me, burst my chrome

It hurts when I see you, you're my first clone

But, daddy's home on some violator shit

We annihilator, out the alligator pits

Show 'em your strength, breathe easy on them hits

Niggaz get rich, with homes on they head

Throw me in the streets, that's where our grown men bred

On the corner with the dred, dusty Leon

Fatman in jail, five hundred pound penitentiary still

From the Hills, slapped on the scale

High honor, Shaolin bomber

With the rockstar persona, connect with the largest

You play me, you payin' fifty cent chargers

Put this log in your noggin, he's on a rampage

Cuz he keeps charging, fuck all the arguing

Like bitches, ain't no I in team

That's why we can't get the riches, play your position, nigga

[Chorus x2: U-God]

Yeah, I'm talkin' to you...

Yeah, I'm talkin' to you...


On my solo destiny, try to shit on me

When I break you chains, all you lames gonna plead

Greed and lie just to get what you need

Feed off my rhymes and my recipe

Can you see that my eyes, I need an extra squeeze

Or a Beck's to relieve all the stress you need

Stop testing me, then set me free

The street fatigue, two keys and a jeep

Buckshot, nine niggaz tried to replace me

I'm a prime time figure to the next degree

Now it's bye-bye, nigga, too weak to play deep

Afraid in your sleep, up the charts I creep

Monologues I speak, stay blowin' out the nostril

Inside you're weak, portrayin' that you're hostile

Swallow your pride, keep my name out your tonsils

I bury you, til they, find your fossil

The rap O.J., in the dusty Bronco

Bang on my chest like the King of Kongo

You and your brother is a dirty combo

You bird ass niggaz, catch thirty, pronto

[Chorus x2]


Big ballers never quit, what can you tell me

But a belly full of lies, stranded on a battlefield

Too many times, with nickel and dime rhyme

One of your best killers, you know that I feel this

Pushin' near my weakness, just Air Max sneakers

Keep feedin' lyrics on big ol' speakers

Peep that performer on the humble, I'm comin' for you

Watch these young boys rumble, what you gonna do?

[Chorus x2]

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