U-God - Here We Come lyrics

(feat. INF-Black, Letha Face)

[Intro: INF-Black]

Gangster this and gangster that

Half of ya'll ain't gangstas, so hold that *gun shot* Blaow!


I got a deathwish, my playlist is wreckless

Almost famous but the natives gettin' restless

Leave 'em breathless, guess who popped up

With pile out, hear you talkin' like Wu's washed up

Squash what, I got balls and guts, more deluxe

The magnetic flux, in the all black tux'

And my back's all hushed, lead showers for you mutts

I devour the cuts with a power packed punch

And cowards I hunt, when I ride with my gun

I'm like a spoke on the wheel that glides on the drum

Through the, smoke I reveal, I'm the rising sun

That go through your shield, is he really that Hill?

Let the streets decide, with nerves of steel

Let the beats collide, with the death-defyin' skill

And beneath the sky, lurkin' network of strangers

That insert the danger with a touch of a finger

[Chorus: Letha Face (INF-Black)]

Oh no... watch... out... here... they... come

(Gangster this and gangster that

Half of ya'll ain't gangstas, so hold that *gun shot* Blaow!

Stand up... with... my... real... nig... gas

(Gangster this and gangster that

Half of ya'll ain't gangstas, so hold that *gun shot* Blaow!)


Yo, aiyo, I'm speakin' for myself, my feets on stealth

Fuck thirty deep, I'm in your hood for delf

Blowin' trees with your main squeeze countin' my shells

As I feed the clips to the T, handle it well

Never been the one to front, son, my history's swell

Tell you how it's gon' be, what it was and what it is

Catch you in your sleep, thug, now your memory lives

The streets get the buzz, no love, them same thugs snitch, bitch

Learned you was livewire, mafia lie

You get wired, by real gangstas and big buyers

Messin' with fire, you ought to leave town

Son, there's rules to this game, and these lames wanna be down

Bringin' all clothes, most fold when it go down

4-5 pounds out the gate, nigga, slow down

I recognize real, and it ain't how you sound

It's the shit that you feel when I'm bustin' the pound


[Hook: INF-Black]

Niggaz keep talkin', better keep walkin'

Walk the block frontin', you ain't sayin' nothin'

You ain't poppin' nothin', you ain't cuttin' nottin'

Son, stop stuntin', before I start dumpin'

[Letha Face]

I apply your bones to the grindstone, to roam on the block with the chrome

Son I smack you out your rhinestones, holmes

I zone where the average man is not permitted to stand

Unless you got that thang, in your hands

Screamin' fans wanna touch me, groupies wanna fuck me

And crabs that don't wanna see me make it, try to bust me

Trust me, I got my shit on cock

So now I'm ready to rock you on the spot and put you in a human Ziploc

With the clip in his lock, and my hand over my heart

I swear to be my brother's keeper, til death do us part

The truest darts spoken in broken language, got you soakin' wet

Like a bottle of Dutch juice, with the mint leaves

Nigga please, the trigger squeeze in every direction

Blood is similar to viral effects, enter your section

And my posession is a deadly weapon

This pen that I use, to bang a hole in your neck, nigga, you suspect


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