U-God - Ghetto Gutter lyrics

(feat. Autumn Rue)

[Chorus: U-God (w/ Autumn Rue)]

I tear the roof right off this mother (I give them ghetto gutter)

That venom, I put it (on you, I'll give them ghetto gutter)


In the big black Cadillac, no handles attached

Drunk off the super skunk, pass me a batch

My single's on the radio, turn it up blast

I'm comin' through, stomp it up, put it on smash

My Energizer bunny boo, how long can you last

She spazzed on my dashboard, I almost crashed

What more can you ask for? The honey or the cash?

But it's money over bitches when I hit her with the shaft

[Chorus x2]


Rhinestone cowboys, ratchets on the waist

Cops roll by, blow the haze in they face

Heads in the staircase, fiendin' for the base

Almost made a sell but someone yelled out "Jake!"

Then I bailed out like I had on skates

Almost fell out, but I made it home same

Splash on some fragrance, grind on the Ave

Kid, I'm ghetto fabulous, when the news cameras flash

[Chorus x2]


I got a project chicken, her head game is great

She part time stripper, she handles my weight

Liberian connection, stretch through out of state

With pure opium shipments, fresh from out the crates

She drive a brand new Lex', tan with no plates

Motor bay, predates, sell it for high rate

Let's go one time, baby, two to the brain

Legendary street weapon, back in the game

[Chorus x2]

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