U-God - Don't Love The Drugs lyrics


I don't know where to begin, or where to start

All I know is I broke my mother heart

It started way back with a little weed

Then it grew into acid, coke and speed

I became that monster with a need to feed

Was it greed? No, I just needed to freeze

Then I dibbled in this, then I dabbled in that

Then the next thing you know, I was exposed to crack

And I guess curiosity killed the cat

And the way that it look, ain't no turning back

And I used to have the hook up, g'sll splurge

Now, I just cook up to feed my herbs

Now, people just look up, like he's the third

Cuz he walk around town like he's a bird

Instead of money it was drugs that he prefered

Say no to the substance, heed my words

[Chorus x2: U-God]

I don't love the drugs, drugs love me

It's the coke, and the weed, and the ecstasy

It's a terrible disease, that go down down deep

And all day long it be calling me


My father, he had dope fiend arms

Lord, thank you Jesus, thank you Jesus for moms

Damn, I did her wrong, not a pot to piss in

And the, TV's missing, couldn't stop the addiction

Damn, that cause friction, I broke the trust

Huh, how could I tell her that I smoked it up

And I smoked the red dust, to fight the demons

And I need a head rush, cuz tonight I'm fiending

Not for the nicotine, the pipe I'm screaming

And the monkey on my back, can't fight the feeling

And I did a robbery, I broke the clip

And I caught a lottery ticket and smoked the dip

Life fucked up, nigga, I choked my bitch

Police tried to cuff me and I broke the stick

I'm as low as I can get, low as I can get, nigga

Low, low, need another hit, nigga

[Chorus x2]


I love getting high, throwing dick to dames

Lived life to the fullest like my name Rick James

I don't know what's more addictive, the chicks, the fame

Damn, I done shamed my family name

One foot in the rain, one foot in the flame

Ugh, rich or poor, whatever you call it

I'm a cigarette smoker, two sips from alcoholic

Got to change my ways, flush drugs down the toilet

[Chorus x2]

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