U-God - Chippin & Chop It lyrics

(feat. INF-Black, Kawz)

[Intro: U-God]

Let's spark it, eh..



It be the Wu-Gambino, flurry don't stop

You the ice cream, I'm the cherry on top

Scary are cops, cuz I carry the glock

Look up at my eye, boy, dare me to pop

Hand me my Scotch, Scotch on the rocks

Hundred thousand watts, for my ghetto blocks

Killin' flow level, and the spillin' won't stop

Buildin' my treble, til I fill in my slot

I want my props, I need the shit

In the spotlight, cuz I'm letha kid

Cockblockin' niggaz, make the needle skip

Knock out the biggest, and you see me dip

All on the corner, desert eagle grip

Get the benchwarmers, and you see who flip

Bless my endurance, he who get

Never dick ride, or ever ever quit

You say tomato, I say ta-motto

You say potato, I saw pa-tatto

You say today, I say tomorrow

Some say it's mixed and I say it's mulatto

[Hook: U-God]

Rippin' and poppin', I'm hippin' and hoppin' it (right, right)

I'm hippin' and hoppin', I'm chippin' and choppin' it (right, right)

I'm chippin' and choppin', I'm rippin' and rockin' it (right, right)

I'm rippin' and rockin', I'm drippin' and droppin' it (right, right)

[Chorus: U-God]

Everytime I flip it (...time I'm flip it) Rip it good (good... good)

I stick it (... I stick it...) Stick it to ya (to ya... to ya...)

We rip it (...we rip it) Rip it good (good... good)

We stick it (... we stick it...) Stick it to ya (to ya... to ya...)


Some niggaz see me stressin', askin' me questions

It's like these bitches, so I give 'em lessons, realer professions

I paint your picture, listen, hold these Wessons, know how to bust 'em

When you address them, hit 'em, pushin' buttons, ain't about nothin'

They said he frontin', get him, ain't no stuntin', where I be pumpin'

My niggaz, cook him up and I don't care if you sixty somethin'

Catch a concussion for bluffin', take your face in them guns

We been, bustin' shorties, stay in your place, I have your both friends

tucked in



Chip and chop those rocks away

Hit that block, those doubters wait

Fuck that bitch, with a smiling face

Hold up, shorty, that's in the weight

Back in my grind, now paper chase

No speakers in my hand, but I got the bass

No fear in my face, spit in your face

The .38 cal', will clear the space

We gon' blow the time, I blow these rhymes

Like a bloated nine, cuz it's quoted time

You gon' know this rhyme, you gonna quote my lines

I'm in overdrive, watch the chrome and slide


I'm comin' through cuttin' you up and it's just, the preview

In a sec', I'm a triple X threat, like I'm Vin Diesel

A lethal, feel it, evil, drop another kilo

I'm a hard body c-lo nigga, you know my steelo

Now, it's time to reload, pop goes the weasel

And I'm all about the g-notes, I don't, want no pity

Still on top of New York City, it's all about the gritty

And the pretty women titties poppin', yeah, you see 'em shoppin'

Pull up to the bumper baby, come on, ladies hop in

Give 'em what they ask for, I clean out the dance floor

Dashin' bachelor, another black panth-or

More rap chapters, a natural disaster

Watch out ladies, now, here come the masters


[Outro: U-God]

Yeah, yeah (right, right)

I gotta be that nigga that started that shit (right, right)

You don't know, when I got a bitch, I got a bitch (right, right)

I've done started all that platinum in the mouth shit (right, right)

You know, I pimp hard when the time to, you know what I'm sayin'?

When I get down and gritty, muthafuckas know my shit is always

Fuck all that bullshit, fuck what you heard..

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