Tracy Grammer and Dave Carter

Tracy Grammer and Dave Carter - 41 Thunderer lyrics

In fair silver city on the blind side of fate

I grew up to manhood on the narrow and straight

But prideful i stumbeled, and foolish i fell

In the silken fine trammels of a cruel yankee belle

Slender and wicked, flame in her eyes

Pearl white and nickel 'round the curve of her thighs

Smooth as dry whiskey, but cold to caress

She slid like a viper from her tooled leather dress

Forty-one thunderer, colt repeater

She's a silver-tongued wonder and a mean mistreater

Six-eyed delilah, brazen and bold

Now it's stand and deliver, and fire in the hole

Forty-one thunderer turn loose o' my soul

I feared not the lawman nor the thief in the night

Nor angel nor devil when she went by my side

And her hunger burned blazes till it felt like my own

Her wanderin' heart drove me wild and alone

Forty-one thunderer...

We rode out from canaan in search of our fortune

Or something' worth dyin' for, beauty or evermore

Over the blackwater flats with her jackrabbits running

Under a sky burnin' brimstone and reckoning

Sweet for the hope of rain

And the sand in your teeth grindin' tiny white diamonds

To moments of loss that you cannot explain

So come demon lover when the long night is through

And sing me your lullaby, simple and true

For legends will tarnish and trigger will rust

And the road over glory come to ashes and dust

Forty-one thunderer...

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