TONEDEFF - Quotables

(feat. PackFM, Rise, Session, Supastition, Substantial, W)


Lyrically deep like the teachings of confucious

Spit ridiculous shit, Like a nipple-less tit - you're useless

But hang around anyway hoping to get felt

Lyrically acidic when I spit it, making mics melt

I should change my name to phillip cause I'm screwing you up

Like chicks with tongue piercings I'm assuming you suck

Plus, I'm the chosen one, you're feeling me like trinity

But you ain't ready to see me lose it, like your daughter's virginity


Now these are similes, stop mixing the two

An asshole - no talent - that's a metaphor, a description of you

You said it was reviews in newspapers that pushed your album back

But it wouldn't have come out quicker if you induced labor

If you said something doper, I'd probably quote ya

But nothing sticks, like putting the opposite sides of magnets closer

The demographics of where my rap hits

Towers of above my peers, from where I control air traffic


Eargasmic lyrics - multiples is what my verses give

You ain't a fan? Then I'm serving educational purposes

You always enter tournaments, always lose in round one

Somebody must have lost a wack MC cause I just found one

It ain't like you're trash - but you're far from dope, man

You're somewhere in the middle, chillin with Monie & Malcom

Your label's fronting on the dough, and they ain't paying

You couldn't get burn if satan gave you rotation on his station

[Chorus A]

It's Substantial, and the contract on your life is non-negotiable

(Cause every word I say should be a hip-hop quotable)

Wordsworth is the reason you're not spoken to

(Cause every word I say should be a hip-hop quotable)

If I battled you and all your fans, I guess that means I'm ripping both of you

(Cause every word I say should be a hip-hop quotable)

Session is the reason that your bitch not close to you

(Cause every word I say should be a hip-hop quotable)


Words travel like Magellan does, you on top? Dead it cause

If you're over me - you must have fell in love

Puff an L and bug, cause I won't be swatted

I can't be seen - I'll be a dalmation and still won't be spotted

Cause in raps, you're played

Your piece of shit raps get bitch-slapped

till it's all pitch black like Satchel Paige

Session - and I must be dissing a tramp


Man, nobody likes me, I performed two songs and most hate it

I'm despised by the heavens, my tombstone is post-dated

I told flex he had to wait to get my album, but I guess he can't

Cause they caught him and Clue breaking in the pressing plant

I'm smacking ya, cause you ain't really said nothing spectacular

'Yo! You heard what he said?' - NOPE! I just remember how wack it was

Who the fuck did your vocals? Man, what studio you pay

They made it sound like your mic was six studios away


Man, if you seen one MC on the scene, that's at least three

When they say the man is holding them down, they mean me

I'm like, "Lemme find out" things I already know

Like writers have to take a vote with what line to quote

That's horribly said - In, on, or off of your head

You gets no love! Who would talk you off of a ledge?

Because it looks and sounds like what you're spitting is hard

Special effects make you tougher like the Wizard of Oz

[Chorus A]

Session is the reason that your bitch not close to you

(Cause every word I say should be a hip-hop quotable)

You might say that you're better than rise, but that's a load of bull

(Cause every word I say should be a hip-hop quotable)

Oh, now you wanna give up Rhyming - you're long overdue

(Cause every word I say should be a hip-hop quotable)

The name is Tonedeff and these chickens be on the totem pole

(Cause every word I say should be a hip-hop quotable)


Question..How do you call an MC nice, via the phone line?

Pick up and at the sound of the tone, just dial 3 four times

And speak after the beep or chime

And leave more mixed messages than, um

Tony Hawk's dentist, when telling him, "Please Don't Grind"

I reach bold heights that Sikhs won't find

Give guide dogs to rap wannabe's on sight, cause I tend to I beat foes blind

Don't mind your eyebrows, that'll regrow fine

As far as your life.I got a leash on yours and a new lease on mine

As far as your wife.well, she's easily occupied

You see, your girl got a lazy eye, and she's seeing me on the side

Quote me up in your thesis, I deserve a trophy for some of these quips

You're surrounded by pussies like you're the only brother of 3 kids

Whoa! Holy Mother of Jesus! you got a soccer mom?

I'm the goalie tucked in her cleavage.yelling 'Defense!'

You'd think your sense of listening was sent to prison

Cause I captivate minds with the strength to hold a genie against his wishes

I'm genius with these renditions mental attrition

Known for flowing longer than the Lord of the Rings director's cut special edition

So, step to the front, next if you're wishing

Claiming you got heart, but in regards to your flow, it seems there's a ventricle missing

Crab rappers with no clause in their contract and their genitals itching

Got me saying 'Pause' more than any general Vets assistant

So I go solo with no problem

While you got so many guests appearances, that you made a cameo on your own album


This is what rhymin's about

Line for line, dying to come out

So you cant deny it or doubt

Signed or unsigned, trying to come out

In case you gotta rhyme in a bout

Then on every line you can count

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