Toby Keith

Toby Keith - Valentine lyrics

I bought a card down at the drugstore

It said I'm thinking of you

I put some flowers on the table

But I know you won't be home

These are some of the little things

That I do 'cause I still love you

And today might be the hardest day

I've had since you've been gone


Valentine, girl do you still think about me

I still wake up at night callin' out your name

And the roses are there

Paper hearts are everywhere

But the fourteenth of February

Will never be the same

Where did we go wrong Val

I thought we had it made

Was it just wishful thinkin'

Is it supposed to be this way

Oh but i still feel the magic

That comes this time of year

When everybodt's got a sweetheart

And I'm wishin' that you were here



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