Toby Keith

Toby Keith - Some Kinda Good Kinda (Hold On Me) guitar chord

"Toby Keith"

"Some Kinda' Good Kind'a Hold on me"


(1) *single strum*

(A)She got(A)some kinda good kinda hold on me. She's

(D)somethin kind of fine,something kind of sweet.Wrapped

(A)up in her loves where I wanna be.She got

(D)Some kinda good kinda(C)Hold(A)on me. yea

*Go into a tythm*


(F#)I can't get enough(D)of my babys huggin' and(F#)kissin'

(D)I never knew a girl who could (A)do what shes doin to(F#)me.

(Bb)With just one touch she(E)casts a(C#)spell.

(C#)I'm all tangled up,(E)I cant't help(C#)self.

(repeat 1 with a rythm)


The boys call up and tell me "bout the fun I been missin',

They wann know why i let her keep me under lock and key.

But i got what they're lookin for when

she gets me behind locked doors.

(repeat 1)

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