Toby Keith

Toby Keith - Mama Come Quick guitar chord

"Toby Keith"

"Mama Come Quick"



(F)I straddled my bi(Eb)cycle(Dm)When I was ten years(C#)old

(Bb)Rode it up to(Am)Maxweel hill,(Gm)Where all the big boys(C)go.

(F)Way down in the(Eb)bottom,(Dm)There's a creek bed 6 feet(C#)wide.

(Bb)If you(Am)peddal fast enough(Gm)You can make the other(C)side.


(Am)Mama come(Bb)quick,(Dm)I think I(C)fell.

(F)And hurt myself again.(Am)Mamacome(Bb)quick,

(Dm)you know to(C)well(F)How much(Gm)I de(C)pend on you,

(Gm)pickin' me(C)up,(F)sendin' me on my(Bb)way.

(Gm)nothin'(Am)heals as(Bb)much,(F)As your lovin' touch.


I fell in love for the first time,when i was almost grown.

I heard that love could hurt real bad,but i had not been shown.

Everybody told me,She would only break my heart.

But i wouldn't listen to them,cause i was way too smart.

(repeat 2)

(4)Daddys teach us how to ride,how to catch and throw.

But if things don't go the way they should,

A boy knows where to go.

(Repeat 2)

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