Tina Turner

Tina Turner - 634-5789

(feat. Elephant Man, Savoy)

[Intro: Killah Priest (Elephant Man)]

Man, I gotta get this damn money, man

Nah, man I can't take this, this time, straight up man

(Yup! Elephant Man, that's Killah Priest

I dedicate this one for the thugs on the streets

America, you know for the poor, we moan and me weep

That's me, come on!) Cat gotta do what I gotta do

Whatever way I could, youknowhatImean? Yo

[Killah Priest]

Look, my cash nope, baby cryin'

Had enough, I grabbed my iron

Call up the crew, is what you do

Be at my spot, around two

Oh yeah, bring some guns, bring some ass

I got a way, we can make some cash

My woman beefin', my momma sick

If I don't get it, look, I'mma flip

The doorbell ring, exchange some slang

We laughed a little, y'all got them things

Okay thanks, now look here's the plan

Hold up, Priest, yo, whose your man?

Oh him? That's, my man Sharod

Don't worry about him, that's the God

He specializes in, gun firin'

Pickin' locks and, ditchin' cops

And robberies, goes on, robbin' sprees

He's the, he's the man, here's the plan

Remember the bank, we met at before

Well, he headed back to make a withdrawel

[Chorus x2: Savoy (Killah Priest)]

It's about to be a robbery (damn right, I'mma get it)

It's about to be a robbery (damn right, I'mma get it)

We about to catch a body (damn right, I'mma get it)

We about to catch a body (damn right, I'mma get it)

[Elephant Man]

Take the cash, take the dough like my nigga Robin Hood

Then me take the money, buy a big house in the Hollywood

It's tally good, rob that nigga, be and say all good

Give back to the project, cuz we should

Eighteen, forty like, he met thee, only we make the money

We pilot off, pilot off, been at the bank, we not the money

We not bummy, roll 'em tree, I'm not funny

We climb it, y'all no homey, give thanks

Show me a car ruff, where we walk, the money that we make

Man off the chauffeur, not until we gettin' it

Know people, bilingual, we not to run we life, we wreck

The only thing can top off, knowin' our thing is our debt

And my friend, Killah Priest, don't own a private jet

Because of friend, those and thousand

Droop it, that told me write rhyme, me write check

You not like, Killah Priest and the Elephant Man, come on!

[Chorus x2]

[Killah Priest]

Told the teller, feel the bags

Had the mack, pointin' at the glass

Hurry up, you're movin' slow

Time is money and I got to go

Grab the bags, head for the door

Backin' out, clutchin' the dog

We heard sirens, dashed to the ride

Any cop we see, open fire

Cop car, swung around the block

My man Rock, opened up shots

My homey Lace, real nutty case

Said let's get it on, fuck a chase

Women screamin', grabbin' they kids

My homey Lace, flashin' the shit

Laughin' and shit, homey is sick

Look at Sharod, said let's go

Four desperadoes, holdin' the dough

Make a left, yo, make a right

Head straight, though, watch those lights

We're in the hideout, laughin' it up

Watchin' the news, about the bank we stuck (it's a robbery!)

[Chorus x2]

[Elephant Man]

You know! You like an engineer warrior, laser beam carrier

We tear on any bank or done broke any barrier

Nuclear taxin' like Whitney or Mariah

We either come together, one that never ponder

Any face the project loss and only cuz he get that

Better you felt on the navy, you felt on the army, the undertaker

Marine, agile list the, that this one, we be later

Killah Priest, boy, I heft it on, yup!

You rule it on them, them they know who we are

Plus we get the paper, we ready for Jaguar

Fly rim or swim, we drive me a car

Either you done a movie, or you a movie star

You can come again, or you can travel me again

Hire like them and then I did it again

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