Timo Tolkki

Timo Tolkki - It's Xmas Morning lyrics

The snow is falling silently from the purple sky

Little Tim is waiting for the evening

When Santa will bring those presents

But more than presents he'd wish for peace

He'd wish for safety and understanding

that there would be no more fights

That there would be no more fear

It's Xmas morning

It's Xmas evening

And I am wondering when and how did we lose the way

Christ doesn't feed the multitudes no more

God is hiding in details

Sick society maximizing the production and the profit

Alcoholic father abusing his family driving them out

It's Xmas evening

The guns blazing message of peace

The plastic holiness fills the world

We have lost the way

It's Xmas night

And I am writing in the warmth of my cozy home

I understand how lucky I am

I say my prayers and go to sleep

It's Xmas night

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