Timo Tolkki

Timo Tolkki - Dear God lyrics

Why are the trees so green?

Why clouds exist?

Where did all this come from?

The nature, planets, universe

It makes me wonder

The things that I see and feel are they real?

It's so hard for me to comprehend what life is all about

In the middle of the chaos where's the truth?

Tell that to me dear god

Am I just your puppet or

Do I have a will of my own?

I'm asking now

And tell me why a four year old dies in cancer?

Please explain that to me

What's the reason for all this suffering?

Did you just fuck things up

Or are you there at all?

Why would we need you anyway?

Tell that to me dear god

Maybe all this is in vain

You're not there so I create my own world

I leave all bullshit to you

I don't try to save the world anymore

Do you hear me you fuck?

Give me some answers and slop hiding!

Am I just an air molecule to you?

What are we to you? Just ants?

What are we doing here?

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