Timbaland & Magoo

Timbaland & Magoo - Luv 2 Luv U (Remix) lyrics

Dance with me... yeah, tango with me

In suspension like a sports car

Shaunte got big lips and handlebars

Put it on Tim like a porno star

Run back the tape in the VCR

I'm comin baby like the big black, Kahuna

I wish you woulda humped me just a little sooner

Now rich, like silver-spooner

Now here's the finger now I got you moonin

I wish you woulda did that two years ago (go, go, go)

Let me feel the body hit the skins yo (yo-yo, yo, yo)

Now you see a brother makin a little dough (dough-dough, dough, dough)

I really hate that mess, but I love you yo (yo-yo, yo.. uh-huh)

Oooooooohhh, luv 2 luv 2 luv ya, luv ya, luv ya!

I love you baby

I love you, uh-huh, I love you baby

I love you, I love you baby

I love you, uh-huh, Maganoo..

I dream bout Leah Lando, make all the luchiano

And girls with condos, Chanel with Guitano

Girl my persono, I share like Sonny Bono

Black and white keys, lay girls on my piano

Me, Missy and Timbo, rap in any tempo

Huckleberry Finn, Magoo the South Pimple

Caught up in my lingo, be not girl, I'm Bingo

Help I see a Beatle, cool out that's only Ringo

Missy sang a jangle as I commence to tango

Ginuwine ridin on a Pony, put Monie in the Middle

Check the riddle, got your girl pants hot a little

Thinkin that she dime when you only just a nickel

Take a tickle, cause your man, pickle green and resentful

Mag and two-ohh, from down South and here go

Black house shoes, my Kangol to match

Pimp crack game, take all your scratch

Girl, I'm the P see me on TV

Beep Beep, hook me up witcha girl CeCe

Female, lookie here, I'm Chip you Dale

Let me get one kiss, just don't go tell

You so obsurd I thought you heard

If you don't know, the bird is the word

Yes the bird bird bird, the bird is the word

The bird bird bird, the bird is the word

Shhhhh, aooww-oooh, I love you baby

Uh-huh, I love you, uh-huh, uh-huh uh-huh

What? Uh-huh, I love you, say what say what?

Is you in, or is you ain't, my baby... ahhh!

See I don't stop like good dick

Skypager's hotness when you need a fix

Big girls don't cry we take all of it

Doggystyle like George and the Parliament

Feel me now, see my lovin got you bedstrucken

Head is stuck in, the pillowcase suckin, Shaunte still handcuffin

Just me and you cause I'ma rock it all night

You can go fast or slow

but I'ma tell you when it's good and right, uh-huh

Look at you girl, talkin trash

Now I'll come around and swing that ass

Make you bend over, uhh, backwards, call me master

Have you sayin Tim do it faster and faster

Now I'm the man with the power

I get booty calls fifteen after every hour

So don't try to take it personal

I gotta get the cash, now you got to go, what?

Oooh, I love you baby

Uhh, remix, uh-huh uh-huh what?

Like that what?

I love you baby, what?

Uhh, what? What?

Uhh, what? What?

I love you, I love you baby

What? Let it ride, uhh

Go, go, go

Yo-yo, yo, yo

Dough-dough, dough, dough

Yo-yo, yo... uh-huh

The bird bird bird

The bird bird bird... word

Let it ride, uhh

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