Timbaland & Magoo

Timbaland & Magoo - Leavin' lyrics

Oh, Uh, Uh, Let's go, Uh, Uh

Hey yall, it's Timbaland with the jump off

I only got forty eight hours before my plane takes off

I got this girl ready to give me some face off

I think I need seven just to make the playoff

But I ain't gonna hit tonight, I'ma leave a good impression before I catch my flight (come on)

How I'm wrong when you ain't right?

When your dumbass will be right on my flight (stupid)

There goes my shenanigans, laugh with me

There ain't no need for panicking

Chill out, you on a private plane

Just lay your head back to this kirkle bang

Eat some peanuts, sip on some champagne

Your fly mileage go up as you give me brain

This is what Thomas do, piss on my mark then I get back to you

Cause I'm leaving on the next plane

I don't know when I'll be back again

Why don't you just call up all your friends

And let's get something started

I'm only in town for two days, two nights only

I'm hoping that you wanna spend these two nights on me

I like your home girls you like my homies

We ain't really tryna spend these two night lonely

Shawty, really ain't much I'm asking for

A little conversation, a nice piece of ass to go

I like penetration, how you like it fast or slow?

Only a hip, nobody has to know

She looking at me, weighing up her options

She ready to leave, and go get it poppin'

What could be the fact that I got there

Drop top Benz or that single in the top 10?

I dunno but whatever it is gotta::crunk

She grabbing her liquor, coming out of Prada

I told her I'ma pimp it, I ain't coming out a dollar

Let's go! I'm leaving gonna be out of here tomorrow

Girl you lookin' right in those jeans

You been eating colligreens?

That's obscene, your man don't help you make beans?

You have a house, 2 kids, and he working

There's rumors, he and your best friend been flirting

But I ain't tryna fuck you tonight

Your ass big, but your face hmmmm that look alright

I tell you what, I'ma make an exception

Clothes off, that's the truth

Clothes on is deception

Aw, yea, a macilent conception

Front or the back, hit in any direction

And baby you the cause of my erection

Stop at Wal-Greens I'ma buy some protection

Fuck that, go and put it in my face girl

I really have a need to give you face girl

You said you dreamed if sex with a star

Make up your mind, Oo be on a jet tomorrow

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