Timbaland & Magoo

Timbaland & Magoo - Intro Buddha lyrics

Live and direct from the land of VA

It's Buddha radio, Buddha Brothers in your area

causin mass hysteria, your man cool DJ Law on the set

[Big B]

Aiyyo I'm Big B rollin and sparkin and kickin shoutouts

Gotta say whattup to Miss Missy out there

Big up to Magoo

Gotta say big up Nickie and Playa, all representin Vi. Beach

[DJ Law]

Word is bond, settin you up for the big breakdown

Buddha Brothers ain't no others now and forever

Yo this is that new joint from my man Timbaland

and son let me tell ya it's SMOKIN

Tim ya large boy!

Buddha radio peep it



It's that big man, from the big V.A.

Ha ha, de de, de de, day

It's that big man, from the big V.A.

Got da, ha ha, he he, hay

I got more women that Willy Wonka got choco-late

My pocket gets fatter than Jacob on twenty Ladders

All that matters is my rhyme style gets fatter

As the, jam, goes

Three years I waited, my rhyme style got constipated

It finally came in, F'd around and got debated

Glad I made it, out of the ghetto

My rhyme style is heavy, it comes out smooth, and kind of subtle


Whaaat?? Kaiser back at you one mo' gen

Bringin to you all my friends

Baby girl, Aalyiah

Ginuwine, Magoo

Uhh, Nickie


Of course me

Ahh yeah

So right about now

You got to ease on back


I can't forget about Playa, one time

So you know what? Man

Me and Playa we gonna do this thing like

Yo baby, I want you to put on your dress

Cause I put on my suit



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