Timbaland & Magoo

Timbaland & Magoo - In Time lyrics

(C'mon girl, I was just playin with you)

Ah - c'mon, ah

You would not believe - c'mon, ah

What's goin down right now - c'mon, ah

Holla!! C'mon ah

You would not believe - c'mon, ah

What's about to go down right now - c'mon, ah

Holla, c'mon..

Guess who's back it's your favorite man

Thomas Crown, a.k.a. (freaky) Timbaland

I keep 'em twelve deep in the full motion van

Mamis betta not speak unless I say they can

Hon - whatchu know about this guy?

I've been hittin girls back since "Cooley High"

Groovy right, whatch'all girls doin tonight?

Bumble bee let's hum right on this flight

Hum on a flight? Nigga you 'fraid of heights

Ms. Jade have you whinin by the end of the night

Try and try and have 'em sick when I board the jet

Dough from bets, fuck around and saw off they necks

You heard me black? Squeaky-ass Cadillacs

I owe you one, you fuck around and owe me back

Got Franklin on the mind, shit I ain't gon' front

I'm a number one sinner, what-wha-wha-what?

Life, is, what you make it

I got plenty big faces.. to spend on you-oooh-ooh

Life, is, what you make it

I got plenty big faces.. to spend on you, in time

I'll be yo' penicillin, keepin my jimmy chillin

What more can I say? Top billin

Niggaz got the feelin I'm wack and I fell off

Said bird is the word is Charmin and Mag's off?

Don't y'all see I ain't new to this game?

Got hoes in each town wanna swoon me for fame

But I get 'em for they cash, smokin up all they hash

Treat 'em like garbage, leavin 'em in the trash

Mag I wreckon you right, but it's my fuckin night

X-5, bing truck, high as a kite

Powder be white, Ms. Jade, powerful bite

Pet niggaz make they asses ride the back of my bike

Pay for nuts and want for nada, I ain't bluffin

See me in the back of the club, steadily puffin

In time you will buy me this and that

Meanwhile motherfucker betta holla back

Uh, c'mon ma, I seen you starin when I hit the door

You ain't gotta front boo, I know that shit ain't yours

I'm like Big out the Maximas and Acuras

Trust me sweets butt-cheeks I be smackin UP!

.. and that shit's fo'sho'

What I really wanna say is, "Getcha coat, let's go"

You seen the whips outside, the fly one's mine

I'm with Tim and Mag, don't lie, take your time

Lie for what? Never been that type of chick

Rubber band around the wrist, be the type to grip

and flip the script, send your ass home all limp

Motherfucker you ain't know? I'm a female pimp

King Kong trips, ridin all the latest whips

With a Corona in the holder I'm the latest bitch

Yup - you could call me the greatest wench

Yup - when you fuck with the greatest clique

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