[First Verse]

Hey what's up Pop? Or should I say Punk?

You supposed to be the Pop to that kid, but'cha don't

I thought you was a man when I met'cha but fa sho

I know, you far from a man, you'z a hoe

Duckin' yo


It's killin' me you do that

That boy just made his birthday, bet'cha never knew that

Since you never gave lil' man shit for his birthday

Do me a favor nigga, make me a license plate

Cuz I did everything for YO kid, you was supposed to

Makin' sure, the nigga grows up, nothin' close to you

Cuz if he did it'll hurt me bad

I know that you'z a man, but man, you'z a fag

And, niggas like you givin' blacks a bad name

That's the main reason I'm changin' his last name

I want you erased, out his past and his future

And if I ever caught'cha tryin' to touch YOUR child I'ma shoot'cha

You're mad at the kid for shit, his Mama did

And you done jumped out his life and he don't know who the fuck you is

But you did me a favor I needed badly

You gave me your family and I'm the Captain here

Your baby call me Daddy

[Chorus: uncredited female singer]

Don't mean to be offendin' you, but

Sometimes life is trife and cruel

Any kind of man's got to understand

That somebody's gotta do what'cha don't wanna do


[Second Verse]

Look at him, he's growin' up to look just like you

A sight you gone barely see, cuz you'll be locked up half your life fool

I write you just to tell you what'cha missin'

Prison's no excuse when you be loose

You don't pitch a fit to get him

I listen to him cry, and wonder should I chastize

Another man's kid

No matter what he did

But shiiiiiit, if I don't do it, it won't get done

Mama, won't hit son

Daddy, don't get none

Go get the switch

Send a hit if you wanna

But you should send thanks

Cuz I done kept your Baby Momma off the corner

Taught your lil' kid what to do with his Pee-Wee Herman

How to survive this World of mackin' by stackin' what he be earnin'

How burnin' bridges ain't smart

No matter how far you go in life you never know what'cha gotta cross

I wanna thank you for the life that you done gave him

But you should thank me cuz I done raised him

Your Baby call me Daddy


[Third Verse]

Look, whenever you touch down nigga, A.M. or P.M.

I'll pay you to see him to save him from bein'

Confused about who's father and who's Daddy

Cuz scars like that, later on would bruise badly

You're sadly mistaken if you're thinkin' I'll be waitin'

Just to make, twenty-three to see, what's shakin'

It's enough takin' him, knowin', that we ain't the same blood

And havin' my other youngin's and givin' the same love

My main grudge against you is there's no sympathy

For your people but they're gonna meet you eventually

And when they do I'm gone be with 'em

Rippin' my ruger, trooper, Dad you done hit 'em

Picture that, them four gone get'cha back

So unless you, totin' bombs you better be open arms

With liable explainations and verifications for everyone

And don't lie to my fuckin' son

Your Baby call me Daddy

[Chorus to fade]

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