Thin Lizzy

Thin Lizzy - Johnny The Fox Meets Jimmy The Weed lyrics

Johnny the Fox he called to Jimmy the Weed

He said "Hey man, I know your name"

I seen you cruising with the low riders

Hanging out down on First street and Main

Tuned into and listen to the voodoo Rhythm Devils

Around the Bay

They've got some crazy DJs

Send you right out to heaven

Jimmy the Weed for greed was taken aback

Johnny the Fox you old sly cat

Cleverly the Fox concealed his stash

Crisp dollar bills leave no tracks

In the back of a black cadillac

The voodoo music travels

Down Skid Row only black men can go

The shady deal unravels

Johnny the Fox, hot to hustle

Jimmy the Weed won't use no muscle

that cat's so sly, slick and subtle

Johnny the Fox breaks out the bottle

Tuned into and listening to

The voodoo music travels

The beating drum for the lonely one

Sends you out to heaven

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