Thin Lizzy

Thin Lizzy - Ballad Of A Hard Man lyrics

I've been mixed up, cut up so sit down and shut up

'Cause I'm a hard man

I was hung up, strung out but I can't take no more junk

Even if you can

It will beat ya cheat ya

Deceit ya, defeat ya

No rocker, bopper, show stealin' teeny bopper

Gonna get a thing from me

No fat, black, back scratchin' pussy cat

Gonna get her claws on me

Well they got a scheme to sell you kids

The silver screens and glossy magazines

Better hold back, good times, strung out, hung up

Strong out, picked on, ripped off, kicked out

Spit on, set up, ripped off, locked up, sent down

Maybe you're as hard as I am

Just blow me away

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