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--------10---------- X 2


---10-8-8----------- play this later on for chorus..(..fighting

---8 -6------------- crime, trying to save the world, here they

X X X come...blah blah)

16 8 8

-------------------- -----------

-------------------- -----------

--------10---------- X 3 --8--10-12-

--10-8--10---------- --8--10-12-

--10-8--8----------- --6--8--10-

--8--6-------------- -----------


8 4 4 4 1 1

this is for the everyday cartoon...but for the actual theme they continue..

a middle part goes like this..




--10--12----10---12- i think this goes a couple of times

--10--12----8----10- while something else is played



8 8 8 8

then the chorus is played three times..the last time this is played through..







have fun and enjoy! ;)

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