The Temptations

The Temptations - Who You Gonna Run To lyrics

When you're feeling alright, I never see you coming.

But when you're hurt, you always come a-runnin';

But one of these days I know, I gonna have to let you go

Then, tell me, who you gonna to run to (baby) where you gonna hide

I wanna know-who you gonna tell that you're hurting-ing inside

When you're going strong,(when you're going strong)I don't see

you at all (I don't see you at all); But when something goes wrong,

(when something goes wrong)that's when you call (that's when you call)

But if you keep doing me like you do, then I'm gonna turn my back on you

Then tell me, who you gonna run to (repeat chorus)Hmmm mm

When you climbed love's tree, you thought that love was a game;

but now you're out on a limb, oh yes, and you're calling my name.

But one of these days I'm bound, to let you come tumbe-ling down

Then tell me who you gonna run to (Repeat chorus to a harmonic fade out)

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