The Prodigals

The Prodigals - Paddy's Heaven lyrics

Crack the whip and smash the panes

And lash the laggard while he strains

And then when no one else remains

For the road to heaven

No one else to scream and shout

And kick the bloody windows out

Off to Paddy's heaven

chorus: Lock the doors and strip the plough

Paddy must be going now

On the road and God knows how

Off to Paddy's Heaven

Here's a nice one from the start

Kick the bugger's life apart

And then I'll add with all my heart

On the road to heaven

And believe me when I say

Come again another day

You'll see me duck and weave and pray

All for Paddy's Heaven

And whatever is my name

Surrogates will take the blame

And others still will feel the pain

On the road to heaven

And while they wander in the night

I'll sit and watch the pale moonlight

And in my bed all tucked up tight

I'll dream of Paddy's heaven

And if should come as comes to all

That someday others hear the call

They may rise and I may fall

And burn in Paddy's heaven.

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