The Gadjits

The Gadjits - Waffle House Is Not a Home

I'm the only one who ever sits here

So thank God for me

You're the lonley one with the waffle house apron

Who gets of on me

You're the apron string that's tied so tight

Around my middle

Truckers, drunks and cowboys come to beg for seconds

From your griddle

How can they think to judge us

They don't even know who we are

In the future i see us running

Somewhere other than a parked car

Three o'clock there's only empty seats and orthapedic shoes

Sit down in my booth and tell me about country dancing

And what else you like to do

You're the only one in this town who can look down on me

No matte rhow you feel all you done and where you been

Come and sit down with me

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