The Fall

The Fall - U.S. 80's 90's lyrics

Had a run-in with Boston Immigration

And to my name had an aversion

Nervous droplets

Due to sleeping tablets

No beer

No cigarettes

Slam, spikes, gin, cigarettes

Beer in ban

The cops are tops

Welcome to the 80s 90s

Welcome to US 80s 90s

I'm the big-shot original rapper

But it's time for me to get off this crapper

Welcome to the US 80s 90s

No beer

No cigarettes

Spikes, gin, cigarettes


Like cones of silence

Welcome to the US 80s and 90s

Like 50s, 1890s

Kentucky dead keep pouring down

By death stadium

No more amused dressing room

My ambition, but one chance in three million Jack

Like cones of silence

Cast aside over-inflation theory of the panic insists

Welcome to the US 80s 90s

Look at page 19, small column, lower right-hand side

Welcome to the 1980s

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