The Fall

The Fall - TEN POINTS lyrics

1. It's up to you [...]

Right Rex, you'd better get it sorted out

......and nobody likes you. Why don't you do us all a favour and bog off back to Xanadu in Ireland.

2. You hang around with camera crews in shell suits. You lecture on sweets and propose salad. You are coming round to Viz comic. You also make all history and related topics thematic.

3. You are operation mindfuck on the children of this land.

4, You are a slowcoach of the first water.

5. You will probably cut my income by one third.

6. You are working now researching a video project.

7. You, in a flash of intuitive brilliance, have garnered that many people are unemployed.

8. You hog the bathroom and never put your hand in your pocket.

9, You post out sixty page computer printouts on the end of the earth's days and forests.

10. All the above will come back to you in purgatory and confirm you as a damn pest.

Me. Dictum. He focus.. he focuses his clever dick mentality on himself.

A. He looks at July roses yet does not have the mentality to cut them himself.

B. He was stuck like a little pig on castle lawns and said "look at what's happened to my leg".

C. He has thoughts, crap, Blake-like, like "while they sleep I'll plot to shaft the bastards in their cot through gradualment and C bit by bit"

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