The Fall

The Fall - SLANG KING lyrics

You feel depressed 'cause you've missed the day

Then you have to go to the hall

Whip wire

Whip wire

Hawk man

Slip down easy

Don't make me a go-between

This is Mr. and Mrs. Smith

To whom you are speaking

Slang King

Words from a cheap man

Part-paid type who got his style

From a press treatise

2 pound 50

Bottle of Brut and nausea


It's no longer a journey down the road for him

It is now escape route

Bright, turn off sign

Swing, 14, turns off, between

Swingo greets lime green receptionist

All here is ace, All here is ace, All here is ace

Escape route


Slang King

Swoop swoop

Foll media krieg, for his honour's binge

During his Scandinavian stint

He said hi to Horst, the viking

Hi Lo-l-lord Swingo

At his triumphant procession

Down the road of quease

Dropping off, he stopped

At a British shop

Swoop scoop

Slang King

At a British shop

Take it down easy

During a lull in his attack

3 little girls with only 50 pence

Had to take, had to put

The Curly Wurly back

Swoop swoop, scoop scoop

Slip down easy

Slip away at court or him and his bloody mother

We'll go together

Sugar down

Slip down easy


Slang King

Watch, the word had right

Biz by word processor

We'll go together, slip down down away

Hyper, with the young designers

The young designers are always there

Always wanted to be there

Slip down, caca-phony

Whip wire, whip wire

Slip down easy, sugar

Slip down easy, sugar

Slip down away, sugar

Hawkman, whip wire, whip wire

Slang King

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