The Fall

The Fall - PUTTA BLOCK lyrics

What a dynamic entrance

Put a block on the words

This I hear on a train

We had salmon on a bus

At Epsom no races lost

We don't bet we just take ['tec]

Put a block on the words

Got no check on the world

Go and put a block on the works

Listen boys and girls

Just closer

On the [clommererds]

Just close off the words

Put a block on the words

The nine unknown men knew this

Three sorts

The first: along Louie's life

The second: the complete restructure of your pretentious life

Three: the only reason you know this

Is that it was well documented

But I say

Put a block on the words

Here's an independent chart moneyspinner

For all you people who've come a long way

Me and the guys played this for charity for spastics

We played it 10000 times

And raised 5 shillings and 7 and a half pence for charity

Cary Grant's wedding

Hail new puritan, righteous maelstrom

Have you ever heard a Bill Haley LP

What is this shit?

Everybody go Cary Grant's wedding

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