The Fall

The Fall - NEW FACE IN HELL lyrics

Wireless enthusiast intercepts government secret radio band and

uncovers secrets and scandals of deceitful type proportions.

Aghast goes next door to his neighbor, secretly excited, as

aforementioned was a hunter whom radio enthusiast wanted

friendship and favor of.

A new face in hell

Nearly a new face in hell!

A muscular, thick-skinned, slit-eyed neighbor is at the table

poisoned just thirty seconds before by parties who knew of

wireless operator's forthcoming revelation.

A new face in hell!

A prickly line of sweat covers enthusiast's forehead as the

realization hits him that the same government him and his now

dead neighbor voted for and backed and talked of on cream porches

have tricked him into their war against the people who enthusiast

and dead hunter would have wished torture on. A servant of

government walks in and arrests wireless fan in

kitchen for murder of his neighbor

A new face in hell!

The dead cannot contradict

Sometimes the living cannot

A new face in hell!

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