The Fall

The Fall - MARQUIS CHA-CHA lyrics

He can never go home

He can never go home

Stranded in South America

Nothing to go home for

Just another Brit in the bar

Hernandez Fiendish comes over to me

Offers a job as broadcaster

That's how I came to be

Marquis Cha Cha

He can never go home

But is O.K. by him

The generals have many enemies

And them I single out

What does it concern about me?

Good riddance to my native country

It never did a thing for me

It's a better life here

And I am not a traitor

Marquis Cha Cha

He can never go home

Now here is his show

Hey you people over there

And those in sea and air

It has been theirs for years

It is a good life here

Football and beer much superior

Gringo gets cheap servant staff

Low tax and a dusky wife


Although your radio has been jammed

I heard talk about by chance

You educated kids know what you're on about

You've been oppressed for years

I hear Rosso-Rosso over there

And you have cha-cha clubs

You should hear the rosso-rosso stuff

I understand you

I'm from a town called


Marquis Cha Cha

He can never go home

He can never go home

One point is made here

The scourge of rosso-rosso

So what if I do propaganda?

After a few steins I feel better

But that broken down fan

They never fix it, them dumb Latins

There's a bayonet beside my head

There's a guard in the annex

Marquis Cha Cha

He never did go home

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