The Fall

The Fall - LADYBIRD (GREEN GRASS) lyrics

And there's a big concert going down in this town

People cannot see society had broken down

I sat upon the green grass but it just brought me down

And the wife said 'get up' and it just brought me round

Fly ladybird, get right outta town

Use your transparent wings

Ladybird fly, fly ladybird

Green grass was purple black and speckled all around

Round the ring, this Croat town

The gas was obnoxious

It made me settle down, so I sat down

And the guy said 'get up' and it just brought me down

Fly ladybird, ladybird flee

Get right outta town, use your transparent wings

Above the leaping flames, get right outta here

Flee ladybird, ladybird fly

Pomerania is burning down.

Your family is gone, shot dead

Get right out of it

See the epaulette

Death: to let

Small change attached

I thought it was there but it just brought me down

Ripped the magazine open, it brought me round

Green grass was clear in the boundary zone

Grass faded into Wimpy brick in the ground

Mother's somewhere in Pomerania, but Pomerania is burning down

Ein kleine meisterwork, settled in my bones

Fly! Fly ladybird

Get right off the ground

Use your transparent wings

Get right outta here

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