The Fall


Hate wide for dog breeder

in the [town of her thoughts]

Never seen dog breeder

This is the tale of his replica.

Name was J. Temperance

Only two did not hate him

Because peasants fear local indifference

Pet shop and the vet, Cameron.

One night vet is called out

from his overpaid leisure

To Temperance household, their limit ran out

and phoned his wife in terror.

The next bit is hard to relate.

(There are no read-outs to this part of the track.)

The new born thing hard to describe

Like a rat that's been trapped inside

A warehouse face, near a city tide

Brown sockets, purple eyes

A bed with rubbish from disposal barges

Brown uncovered no changeling,

as the birth was witnessed.

Only one person could do this:

Yes, it's Cameron

And the thing was in the

Impression of J. Temperance.

This hideous replica.

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