The Fall

The Fall - BREMEN NACHT lyrics

Something happened in Bremen, I know

Something I don't want to

Something under the ceiling muttered

Something in its steel shutters

Underlining my usual timing

Aligning casual set-list

And it aligned?

Knowing where right room is

I was more than usual pissed

Was first ashamed at bruise on wrist

Was then annoyed at skin-patch on back

Then myself, I did acquit

On Bremen Nacht

Ich leave real quick das Bremen Nacht

Ich rausum mach aus bremen nacht

Ich rausum mach das bremen nacht

Ic-raus-Mach-Schnell aus das bremen nicht

Ich-aus Schnell mach sas bremen nacht

Ich Mach Schnell pack und aus das bremen nacht

Ich raus schnell mach von bremen nacht.*



The child's four-fingered bruises on my hip

Meant I had been one day possessed

Right through Bremen Nacht

Right on to Bremen Tag

The sunlit Bremen day

By Tonsillitis size train station Hof

Could only in one way fail to impress

This on drinks door I did lay

I had been one day possessed

Ich rausum mach aus bremen nacht

Thank God skin-patch is nearly gone

And the impress of fingers dead

Have disappeared and left me alone

That's one night I didna put jackboots on

Don't want to end reflection

It's still there, though I am gone

And it will be a long long long time gone

before my spirit will in accident

go back and come from Bremen Nacht

go back and come from Bremen Nacht

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