The Fall

The Fall - BLOOD OUTTA STONE lyrics

Unfortunately I'm coming from a bad end

And I'm destined for a bad end

But hanging around with you is like blood outta stone

Getting stuff outta youse is like blood outta stone

Blood outta stone

You're history

You've quit existation

You're green grub

And if I had any guts

I'd turn those money tables up

You dis-corporate bore

You make me tired to the bone

Cos getting things outta you....

When all your friends have dissolved

And you're yakking on the phone

You're techno-grounded

You're blood outta stone

Might appear deranged

But you're blood outta stone

You're mutton dressed as lamb

Cos you're blood outta stone

At least I've got an aim, chick

Blood outta stone

But I'm working to an aim

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