The Clash

The Clash - Mustapha Dance

I try to process these feelings but get "does not compute"

I tried to multiply our love but you took the square root

Whenever I see you I don't know what to say

It's like my mind goes from dsl to 56k

I've looked for girls online, but don't get any play

Now I'm forced to get off to Japanese anime

We would stay up late playing dungeons and dragons

You can be my Sam, and I'll be your Frodo Baggins

I'm just a nerd in love, But I don't know what to do

It's hard to get a girl when your weight is lower than your IQ

Maybe she'll look past the headgear and all of my acne

I still think she's leet, but she doesn't notice me

I can be Hans Solo and you can be Leia

If I was less like Screech and more like AC Slater

You're the only girl that makes my floppy disk hard

I can hack in a mainframe but not in your heart

If I could be with you, I'd treat you with kindness

And protect you from harm, like Norton anti-virus

But you are like Hollywood and I'm like Bit Torrent

My love for you is steady like gravitational constants

I'm just a nerd in love and I feel out of place

I'll have to specialize in gynecology so I can get to 2nd base

Unless she finds sarcasm appealing and greasy hair sexy

I still think she's leet, but she doesn't notice me

I just want to be with girl and not get any rejection

Who will dress like a hot alien at star trek conventions

Who's as precious to me as a rare Pokemon

And who knows the difference between and a Warlock and a Shaman

But We're just nerds in love, reality's too far gone

Cause we're too much like Steve Urkel and not enough like Stephan

But one day we'll be CEOs and have lots of money

But until then, our only friends will be our PC's

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