The Clash

The Clash - Koka Kola


where is this gonna end, we got people dyin on the old front step

i cant sit back and wait

see what we will become

were lookin around to see the things that we found were begining to relise that were ddrifting to far

icant sit back and wait see what we will become

pre chours*

*every day that i wake up im wondering around this rock to find its all the same again nothins seems to change*

when it all starts to brake up, dont fool your self it will and all weve done is been in vain, i wont take the blame


*oh i wont waste my time closing my mind with ease, u see i made my choise between love and fear you can waste all your life untill u dissapear, if u can see me the way u are then i feel your childrens tears*

when are we gonna mend our very city brains on this earth we land and then what wel move on again and again

i dont know bout u but i dont want to be apart of a planet eating race i need a conscious thats clean i cant sit back and wait see what this will become

pre chours


then repeat first verse

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