The Clash

The Clash - Julie's in the Drug Squad

She giggles at the screen 'cos it looks so green

There's carpets on the pavements

And feathers in her eye

But sooner or later, her new friends will realise

That Julie's been working for the drug squad

Well it seemed like a dream, too good to be true

Stash it in the bank with the tablets grow high

In their millions

And everybody's high (Hi, man...)

But there's someone looking down

From that mountainside

'Cos Julie's been working fro the drug squad

And it's ten years for you

Nineteen for you

And you can get out in twenty-five

That is if you're still alive

An' then there came the night of the greatest ever raid

They arrested every drug that had ever been made

They took eighty-two laws

Through eight-two doors

And they didn't halt the pull

Till the cells were all full

'Cos Julie was working for the drug squad

They put him in a cell, they said you wait here

You've got the time to count all of your hair

You've got fifteen years

A mighty long time

You could have been a physicist

But now your name is on the mailbag list

Julie's been working for the drug squad


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